Golden Aura Azeztulite

Greetings, Beloved GemPowerment Family! I recently acquired a piece of Golden Aura Azeztulite and I have been staring at it and hearing it’s name in my head. Sure enough upon checking in with Guidance, this is the Mineral Ally that would like to come forward today!

Most of you know that Azeztulite is a form of Quartz found originally in the eastern United States (mostly North Carolina and Vermont) and was coined with this name due to its frequency of the Azez, or the “Nameless Light” from the Central Sun. Now other varieties have been located in Tibet and India and some carry various inclusions which add color and various additional metaphysical properties to the mix. Golden Aura Azeztulite carries this Light energy as well. It is sourced primarily in Vermont and the Quartz has some Mica inclusions so that the crystal is more opaque and silky feeling. I am getting the feeling that is post is not just for the next few days as most have been, but

a general one to advise about a Mineral Ally and how it can assist you.

While a stone holding the Yellow Ray, at least in part, would normally be assoicated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, I am getting the feeling this stone is really more about Heart Center opening to radiate this Light. Actually, the picture I’m getting is opening and connecting the Heart Chakras in all the 13 Chakras with this Light of Spiritual Awareness and Divine Consciousness. We are moving more everyday into our Cosmic Birthright and Golden Aura Azeztulite opens us up for that experience. This is done is a gentle way…with much LOVE and Grace, vs. the more shocking waves of Light information we have been forced to transduce from the recent Solar Flares/CME’s and other happenings in our planet’s neighborhood. Humanity seems on the cusp of coming to an expanded understanding that we are Citizens of the Universe: are you ready for such a revelation? Ask your Golden Aura Azeztulite to help you be open to limitless possibilities!

Submitted in Loving Service,

Lisa Mintz Kavas, GemPowerment Gemagician ♥


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