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This universe is pulling us all together, whether we like it or not. If you have been seeing synchronicities in your experiences such as 11:11, sacred geometry, new health understandings, meeting people like you, or diving into spiritual literature, listen to what I have to say.

There is a Truth unfolding. It is the truth of our inherent Oneness with our Creator, us! The synchronicities are pulling us all together, unknowingly, causing ourselves to be known! Its how the universe operates! We are all learning these “new" insights, not knowing where our path is going to lead. My biggest advice is to TRUST where that moment is taking you, and is probably revealing to you even newer, mind-blowing truths! Revelations become your everyday experiences!

Be aware of everything, and don’t let the Mind occupy itself with objects. Look at the whole perceived vision you have of the entire area in your current Now or Present moment. Take it all in, and notice the little “Aha!" moments bursting forth from you.

When someone is seeking, they will find, for the door has been knocked upon, and the door has been opened!


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I am light. I am love......
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